About Us

PENDULUM exists to create new solutions to sustainability problems through innovation and creativity. We focus on eliminating fabric wastage through zero waste pattern cutting and establishing circular supply chains through upcycling waste textiles and using biodegradable materials and garment components. 

Stylistically, PENDULUM diverges from the wholesome, natural, feminine styles often seen within the sustainability sector and delivers bold, edgy, grunge styles that embody the idea that being a total badass and a good person aren’t mutually exclusive. 

PENDULUM was created by Melbourne based designer Tess Whitfort. Tess has a bachelor degree in Fashion Design from Box Hill Institute, graduating in 2017 as the BHI Degree Student of the Year and Melbourne Fashion Week Student Designer of the Year. In 2018 she travelled to Hong Kong, where she won the Redress Design Award, which is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. Tess impressed the international panel of judges with her complex zero waste pattern cutting methods and forensic approach to sustainable design. As the first prize winner, Tess then went on to collaborate with The R Collective, an upcycling brand based in Hong Kong created by Redress. Working with The R Collective, Tess created her first retail collection, bringing upcycling and zero waste pattern cutting into a commercial setting. Tess has been described as one of the world’s best zero waste designers and has been written about in the pages of Vogue Australia, Fashion Journal, and The Ragtrader.